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Ben Kenobi repaint. by DarrenCarnall
Ben Kenobi repaint.
A client sent me the head from his Sideshow Collectibles Obi-Wan Kenobi figure, so that I could give it a full repaint and bring it to life. I tried to use The Force on this one.... lol ;)

I've included before and after shots as well for you. What do you think?
Dancing Baby Groot, sound activated, [Edit - SOLD] by DarrenCarnall
Dancing Baby Groot, sound activated, [Edit - SOLD]

As many of you know, last year I made a Dancing Baby Groot for my wife's birthday. It was featured on Sideshow Collectible's website and The Replica Prop forums' Facebook page too. It exploded all over the internet. Since then I've been inundated with requests to make more of them, people trying to commission me, practically throwing money at me! And I said no to all of them..... until now. 

I've made JUST ONE. And it's up for auction (i put it up yesterday afternoon). I'll never be making any more. Ever. This is the one. 

There's more info on the auction page, including lots of photos and a video I shot yesterday. Good luck to anyone who bids!…

Darren x
1/6 Admiral Kirk sculpt (resculpted half the face) by DarrenCarnall
1/6 Admiral Kirk sculpt (resculpted half the face)
I wasn't happy with my Admiral Kirk head (the eyebrows were too wide, the entire bottom half of the face was too thin, forehead was too flat.. among other things) I resculpted about 80% of the face/neck. It looks much better now and much more balanced. And more importantly.... more like THE MAN. The Shat. Shatnerooney. Admiral Kirk himself. 

He's happily on his way to Hong Kong as we speak. Yay! 

Now I can get on with the huge list of people waiting for me to paint things!!!
Baby Dancing Groot : full tutorial + pics and vid by DarrenCarnall
Baby Dancing Groot : full tutorial + pics and vid
EDIT: I've made just ONE MORE of these which will be going up for auction in the next week or two. Follow me on here or any of my other online social media (or sign up for email updates on my website, if Facebook/Instagram/YouTube isn't your thing) and you'll be the first to know when it's going up. ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD. I'm not making any more!!


It was my wife's birthday coming up and we'd recently seen the brilliant Guardians of the Galaxy. Like everybody else she fell in love with the Baby Dancing Groot from the end..... so I had to make her one!! I've made a full tutorial over on my site with loads of photos and a video of Baby Groot actually dancing to the jackson 5  song 'I want you back'. 

She cried..... Job done!! The only problem now is that I'm getting so many people asking for me to make THEM one! haha "Make me a dancing groot!! Make me a dancing groot!!"  lol (I might make just one more and auction it off.... I Like the idea that the one my wife has wasn't part of a mass run)

Anyway.... hope you enjoy!!…


Darren Carnall
Artist | Professional | Varied
United Kingdom
"Tell deviantART about yourself" it says. hmmm....

well I don't know really. I mean how much do you want to know? I had toast for breakfast this morning. peanut butter too. That kinda thing? no? pfft... there's no pleasing some people.

ok... so how about the story of how I got into painting and sculpting then. That a bit better? Good.

I used to be a financial advisor many years ago (I know, different huh!), until my childhood epilepsy started acting up again. Eventually it got so bad that I had to give up my driving license, and had to stop work. This lasted for around 15 years. During this time I'd become SO bored that I decided to give oil painting a go as a hobby. Something to do. I couldn't stand watching daytime television for a single minute more!

I'd always been quite good at drawing and stuff in school, so I thought it might be fun to see if I could still do it. It turns out I could! Better than I realised. I started to get a few commissions here and there but not too many. It was enough to let me know that this was a genuine talent I had... and I became aware that it didn't affect my epilepsy in anyway! I could *control* how much work I did, and give my brain rests when it needed it.

This led to me setting up a website for my work and selling a few paintings through there, but it never really took off. Shortly after this though I had become interested in 1/6 collectable figures, and had bought myself one or two. I was frustrated though that whilst the figures themselves were good.. more often than not the faces weren't quite right. Never *really* looked like the actors they were portraying.

I could always *see* what was wrong with them (chin too big, nose too thin etc) and so I decided to have a go at resculpting and repainting one of them. I'd never done this before and to be honest thought I'd kill the figure!! But hey, it was something to do! Turns out I was good at that too!!

I put a few photos online of what I'd done, and I started getting messages from people asking me if I could do the same for their figures too! I'd never even considered that this was something that people would pay for. Over a year or two the orders increased and became more varied until today where I'm actually turning down commission requests because I'm too busy working off a 19 page waiting list that I have!!

I am now happily self employed (and finally OFF the Disability Benefit I was getting due to my inability to work because of the epilepsy) and I couldn't be happier!

Hopefully I'll be happily doing this until I'm 80 years old. (as long as my eyes still work ....and my fingers ......and my brain, I guess!)

Current Residence: in a house
Favourite genre of music: electronic or classical.... maybe
MP3 player of choice: iPod... OLD iPod (need a new one)
'Ancient and Forever' is now available as a 10" x 8" fine art print for those who have been asking!! Also available as a framed version.

(sorry, no larger versions are available with this first piece. I'll see to it that future releases are available at the full range of sizes, t shirts etc)

It's based in the U.S. but they do ship to other countries.

Buy here:…
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